Clockwork City

by alfredas

It is amazing how this persistent branch of utopian achitecture is thriving today.  Having left floating metabolist cities and walking archigram cities behind in the 60’s it still does not seem to give up searching for new ingenious ways of  solving urban questions.  Waving the flag of sustainability and employing latest programming capacities it keeps on surprising, this time  introducing parametric designs of the ‘zaha cities’  or rotating ‘clockwork cities’.

So let’s dip in the topic of utopian urbanism for a while and try to seek for answers to such naturally rising questions as:  why is there a need for utopian urbanism today?;  in which ways (if in any) does it contribute (or ever contributed) to the theory or practice of  (‘conventional’) urban planning and design;  and last but not least, who is investing and perhaps even profiting from all that industry of  amazingly animated and rendered floating and rotating megalomania?

(text posted by vytasvulgaris)