Who’s your Neighbour?

by svoosten

Google Earth with CBS statistics from http://www.nrc.nl

Recently NRC Next published an article on the Dutch Postal codes. These not only come in handy for when one wants to receive or send mail. But they become even more interesting when you use the data behind them. Because of the fact that the Netherlands has the most fine-grained system of postal codes in the world (on average 38 people share a postal code) it gives you detailed information about the social/economic conditions behind the urban fabric.

Some interesting observations: When it comes to non western immigrants we can see that Rotterdam, with non western immigrants living in the old districts directly around the city centre, is the exact inverse of Amsterdam, where non western immigrants are living in the modernistic housing estates clustered outside the A9 ring road. In the Hague, when it comes to the concentration of higher incomes we see that they are clustered North of the Laan van Meerdervoort (on the sandy ridges near the coast) as well as in Voorburg (on the old sand ridges that run parallel along the Vliet).

You can find an interactive map that covers the whole of the Netherlands on: http://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2012/02/14/statistiek-saai-cbs-cijfers-komen-tot-leven-op-een-kaart/