The physics of ‘pollockizer’

by vytasvulgaris

Thanks krissykrisspy for the very enjoyable digital version of the ‘pollockizer’ by Miltos Manetas- in continuation to the theme of patterns. Really, the Jackson Pollock’s techniques have been a long lasting mystery (and maybe still is). However, professor Taylor seem to have found the key to the Pollock’s pattern:

“Students, staff, and faculty participating at the University of Oregon / Oregon Center for Optics (OCO) Optical Science Discovery Camp (OSDC) use a pendulum device created by Physics Professor Richard Taylor to create paintings that resemble the work of Jackson Pollock. With training, movement of the point of rotation of the pendulum creates a more randomized series of paint arcs. Mathematical analysis of the arcs of Pollock’s painting allowed curators to detect what appeared to be a couple of forgeries.”

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