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Month: April, 2012

Flemish metropolitan dream

by justina


Last few months, at POSAD I have been working on the animation Flemish Metropolitan Dream, which is now being presented in The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). The movie tells a story about challenges and opportunities that Flanders region is facing accomodating 300 000 new houses.

See the animation and visit the fifth IABR about Making City


Images from space track relentless spread of humanity

by Domantas Stukas

Interactive NASA satellite imagery comparing city changes in the last two decades.




If you want to have a hole to another universe…

by krissykrisspy

… click here and see how creative your wall can be.

Surrealistic photography by Rob Carter

by justina

New York City-based artist Rob Carter uses photography, stop-motion animation, and time-lapse video to spotlight buildings and their shifting political and historical significance. Architectural themes and histories are invented or modified using physically cut-up and digitally manipulated photographic images of buildings, towns and landscapes. The interaction of plant life with these photo-structures represents the irrepressible strength of nature that our buildings attempt to shield us from, as well as the temporality and fluidity of the environs we inhabit. (Text from Rob Certer website)

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Paper animated metropolis

by justina

Made entirely from images printed on paper, this amazing animation by Rob Carter represents growth and transformation of the Charlotte city in the United States.

Video is very inspiring! Already while watching your hands start searching for paper and scissors to cut your own metropolis. Read more about the animation Metropolis on the Vimeo website.

Visit website of Rob Carter to see more animations and the photography (these crazy pictures deserve a separate post on the blog).


by fangruben

For a quite some time now, Chinese immigrants have setteld in many cities across Europe and America which has lead to the emergence of Chinatowns in almost every major city. Now that China has been introduced to the free market and is rapidly developping a nouveau riche, quite the opposite is taking place: whole districts are being build in  “neoclassicist” European style for the wealthy to dwell in. Buildings have been modelled after English, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German building style.

Pablo Conejo captured this bizarre trend in Shanghai – which is not the only place were this is happening. These photo’s were taken in the Meilanhu district of Shanghai. Although the buildings are beautiful, it reminds me more of a deserted ghost town…



Photo’s by Pablo Conejo

Other markets

by gailiute

I perceive market as a huge dedicated square that gathers people twice a week to buy tomattos, bananas and other gooood food.;) This is my traditional understanding. It seems that market as such has much more variations that do not fit into my perception.

I suggest to check this site and explore these variations. Ik vind dit leuk ! ;)

Other markets

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