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Month: May, 2012

How Smart Phones Are Turning Our Public Places Into Private Ones

by vytasvulgaris

“The whole idea of public/private as binary is becoming much more complex”;  “Instead of thinking about public and private, we have to think about the private sphere becoming more dominant in public. For the smart-phone users, they’re totally, constantly engaged with the private sphere, and it’s reducing the basic roles of public space.” ( Tali Hatuka)

Article by Emily Badger


Photo by Melvin Sokolsky http://story-in-the-city.blogspot.com/2010/03/melvin-sokolsky-in-all-his-glory.html


Brussels Express

by vytasvulgaris


A fresh 19 min documentary by Sander Vandenbroucke about why traffic in Brussels is a tragedy, about  success of pioneer bike messengers and about insights and tips from the major of Copenhagen.


The beauty of the worst neighbourhoods

by vytasvulgaris

This picture by Laura Lapinskiene was taken this spring in one of the “officially worst” neighbourhoods of the Netherlands (http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/De 40 wijken van Vogelaar).

With this i find inspiration to suggest the topic “the beauty of the worst neighbourhoods” not only as an anti-stigmatization campaign, but as a way to think about the spatial quality of the streets we live in or we (don’t) pass by. Where is the relation between the quality of space and social ‘data’ around them? And other way around: how do we (or our politicians) use social statistics to judge urban space and life quality? So i invite to observe and register by texts and snapshots the beauty of life in the worst neighbourhoods of our cities.

Hidden roofs of Paris

by justina

Have you ever tried to look up while walking in the city streets? Sometimes it is worth doing it.  These dozens of chimneys I accidently noticed looking up in Paris

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