Platform for fixing the city

by gailiute

One of the most interesting and most difficult challenges that we are constantly willing to take is how to make cities vibrant, liveable, prosperous, attractive, etc., etc. There are already many attempts made indeed. Some of them more successful, some less. Since it is better to learn from other mistakes than from your own, IDEO, Michigan-based iconic design firm, (steelcase producer) created an open platform called  OpenIDEO to foster the best sustainability solutions and to apply them to revitalize city of Detroit (or any other city).

The idea (and possibly success of this platform) is  to engage a diverse group of individuals (ecologists, designers, writers, sociologists, economists, etc) for a design challenge. Issuing  challenge invites anyone and anywhere to submit ideas. But it is not simply community voting or judging that makes the crowd-sourcing work. It is a multi-step process of collectively winnowing down the ideas while simultaneously improving them.

But OpenIDEO is more than that. Beyond its obvious do-good nature it has real business benefits to both IDEO and, in this instance, Steelcase.

Through selection, 11 winning ideas were selected from almost 900 inspirations. Here are  all 11 of the winners. I suggest to check it out and be inspired !

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