Lithuanian Leaders’ Forum (Lietuvos Lyderiu Forumas)

by gailiute

I do not know if many of you are interested in politics. I was not but realised that not knowing what is happening there is not very fulfilling. One of the ways to get clearer image what is going on is provided by lrytas tv, which I found quite interesting.

The information provided on this post is in lithuanian language as it concerning  the upcoming election in Lithuania. Lrytas tv invited 5 leaders of 5 the most popular parties in Lithuania to give their opinion on various topics including economics, society, etc. The purpose of the show is to help common person to form a clear view of the proposed election programmes and intentions of the politicians. There will be a show every week until the election on the 14th of October.

This is the second show, part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

The first show can be found on the same website.