Urbanism week in TU Delft – SECOND HAND CITIES

by urbanusdonatus

There are never enough of great lectures by tutors from every inch of the world. It seems that last year this event had a great success, so it could repeat this year! Workshops, lectures, debates. In the link given below you can find recorded lectures from last year. I already checked some of the lectures, one of the best for me was by Edward Soja. He criticized everything and everywhere, great speaker and philosofer. It is always good to get rid off practical matters and go to metropolitan scale thinking. Well, i will be there in any way and everyone can join, please do come to Delft if you have some guts and time.

Usually, the term “Second Hand” is associated with negative connotations; with the leftovers of other people, objects that have no value and are disposed because they are just gathering dust and taking space. For us this is not the case. We see in these objects (cities in this case) positive qualities that, if carefully explored can become a great asset.

Among the confirmed speakers: Joan Busquets ( BAU, municipality of Barcelona), Henk Ovink (Director for National Spatial Planning), Frits van Dongen (Architekten Cie, state architecture advisor), John Habraken (writer, theorist, former head of architecture at MIT), Duzan Doepel (Doepel Strijkers Architects), Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas), Wouter Vanstiphout (Crimson, TU Delft), Atelier d’architecture autogérée, Bureau ZUS, Beatrice Mariolle (ENSA de Paris-Belleville, TU Delft) Bas van Oudheusden (Studio Underdogs), Michiel de Lange (The mobile city), Otto Trienekens (Veldacademie), Tjeerd Haccou (Space&Matter) and BNSPyoung. For the workshops, we will also get a chance to see a lithuanian team, who won Europan award.