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Month: November, 2012

An Englishman’s Home is his Castle

by gailiute

Collaboration with Tim Brunsden looking at how Urban Regeneration affects the lives of the people it is supposed to help.

Urban Regeneration is about the people, not about the buildings, however this example proves it different.

I cannot find exact video where Liverpool Vision is explained on these specific sites, supposedly located in Merseyside, Liverpool but here is one of many show-offs on grand regeneration of the city.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ey4UGkT8Jg]

New/old good ways of producing electricity

by gailiute

This video is about Gemasolar, near Seville, Spain – the first Concentrated Solar Thermal Power plus molten salt storage (CSP+) plant to produce energy 24 hours per day. This power tower plant produces 20MW, enough to power 25,000 homes. Just look how amazingly the tower shines!

The secret behind this lies in the fact, that solar energy is gathered by mirrors to light the top of the tower, which subsequently heats the salt. Salt storage works as a giant thermal battery that provides heat to move steam engine. Smart.

However, I see one issue here: the size that has to be occupied by this plant. It is quite huge considering the fact that electricity is being provided to 25000 homes..

Just to compare I put two areas that shows approximate needed space for this kind of plant and 25 000 houses.

Weirdest Urban Ecosystems On Earth

by alfredas

Cities are havens for weirdness. From communities built around garbage to dogs that ride the subway, urban environments have fostered all manner of weird patterns. Here are a few of the freakiest urban ecosystems on the planet:




Social Life of Small Urban Places – William H. Whyte

by gailiute

Fellow student from TuD, Ignas, recently showed entertaining movie from late 80s about open spaces and plazas. I had great time watching it, hope you will enjoy as well. It reveals obvious, yet sometimes forgettable principles about truly good spaces.

“This witty and original film is about the open spaces of cities and why some of them work for people while others don’t. Beginning at New York’s Seagram Plaza, one of the most used open areas in the city, the film proceeds to analyze why this space is so popular and how other urban oases, both in New York and elsewhere, measure up. Based on direct observation of what people actually do, the film presents a remarkably engaging and informative tour of the urban landscape and looks at how it can be made more hospitable to those who live in it.” – 

Bonnington Square

by vytasvulgaris


A docummentary film directed by Alistair Oldham

“Bonnington Square is right in the heart of London, just two minutes walk from the river and just ten minutes from the Houses of Parliament. In the early eighties the one hundred houses of the Square were all squatted, forming a bohemian community from all around the world.The squat had two community gardens, a cafe, a wholefood shop, a nightclub, a newsletter and even a milkbar. Although it is no longer squatted, there are still many low rent housing cooperatives, and the cafe and the gardens are still collectively run, and the Square is now a model of a modern sustainable urban community” (http://vimeo.com/36595608).

New park in Copenhagen

by gailiute

‘Superkilen’ is a kilometer long park situated through the Nørrebro area just north of Copenhagen’s city center, considered one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighborhoods. The design pulls on themes and references that connect to the more than 60 nationalities in the area.

Here are some images/renderings of the park:


I would like to know what do you think about it? Good? Nice? Beautiful? Smart? Over-designed? Inappropriate? Stupid? Clumsy? Hectic? What else?

More pictures here.


On rails: rolling master plan

by gailiute

One of many odd ideas for reusing railway.

Swedish architecture firm jagnefalt milton has been awarded third prize for ‘a rolling master plan’, their proposed development for the idea competition of andalsnes in norway.

The design utilizing new and existing train tracks to create a diverse system where buildings roll through the city on rails, providing an opportunity to re-organize programmatic requirements in relation to the urban space. the mobile flexibility allows the city to adjust for uses such as concerts, festivals, markets, and seasonal changes.

Integration of mobile structures – including a rolling hotel, public bath and concert hall – has the potential to transform the city into a dense, integrated and continually changing scenography. the temporary, small-scale structures sets the ‘city in motion’, providing an important connection between the land and the sea.

From here.


by gailiute

Though I found this page accidentally and intended to add it as a nice and very clearly done example of website in the info graphics post, I decided that it is worth to pay your attention to it a bit more.

I think it is great platform for sharing ideas and issues that people care about.

And pay attention how amazingly it plays with words in the website address line: ” good is everyone” ;)

“GOOD is a global community of people who give a damn.”



Mapping 6.0 Again infographics

by gailiute

I find infographics more and more  pulling me in the endless possibilities of sharing information. When I grow up, I will start doing infographics as well, until then, I just look at them ;)

And share with you.

how cool is that to make your portfolio/cv as infographics?



Or to know how to make Any kind of coffee?



One of many videos that tries to raise your awareness and warn about the evil google :)

This one is great. (Having in mind music) :)



This one shows the shape of  any song. Example of  Chopin, Mazurka in F# Minor



Finally, I cope/paste last part of this blog :


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