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Month: December, 2012

Jeremy Rifkin: A New Era of Capitalism

by vytasvulgaris

Jeremy Rifkin about the current global development trends and “the third  industrial revolution”. About the emerging new political order, about the new generations of social entrepreneurs, about survival of human race etc.

Some more of Rifkin’s quite fascinating anthropological concept – Empathic Civilization (RSA Animate)


Contemporary future bicycle for urban commuter. Lithuanian designed folding e-bicycle Fwave.

by vytasvulgaris

Fwave 1Fwave 2


Bicycle gives freedom to travel daily on selected pace and route, claims Lithuanian designer Viktorija Čegytė. According to Viktorija, designing a bicycle for a contemporary citizen it is important to understand, that an urban cyclist must not necessarily be a professional cyclist or cycling enthusiast. Therefore cycling should be easy and comfortable. The other important task is to integrate bicycle in the public transport system thus extending advantages of both modes. Compact minimalistic design folding electric bicycle Fwave aims to be a casual accessory of an urban commuter.

more about the project: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Fwave-Bicycle/6063335

Read more in Lithuanian : http://www.dindin.lt/#page=465




by mykolaa



Invited by Storefront for Art and Architecture the Spacebuster was developed and designed to explore the qualities and possibilities of public space in New York City. Spacebuster interacts with the architectural and the social space and its conditions. It opens urban space for temporary collective uses.


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