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Month: July, 2013

Becoming local

by gailiute

Rasa Anaityte shared a nice reminder-documentary film about how our societal habits became so mass production/ artificial and unhealthy, that buying and eating local food is such fascinating thing to do, instead of being obvious (thank God we still have grandmas and grandpas in the villages and  cherry and apple trees in summer gardens in Lithuania :P :)


Do you know where your food comes from?

In the past ten years, the organic food industry has become big business and consumers have been left wondering exactly what the word “Organic” means and how they can really know what they’re eating.

With the rise of farmer’s markets and more and more chefs sourcing their ingredients from local farms, consumers are now able to meet and talk to the people who are growing their food.

LOCAL discusses the rise of the local food movement, the challenges of sourcing locally and how it’s become a growing part of the Austin, Texas food scene.

This documentary is the November film in my 12 Films Project, where I make one short film every month in 2011. To see the other films or to learn more about the project, visit the website at:



Oh Johnny.

by jiookrednav


DE DRAGER / A film about Architect John Habraken (Dutch subtitles)

The project

Dutch architect, theorist and professor John Habraken (*1928) is one of the most controversial architects of his generation. Whereas some people revere him as a guru, others denounce him as a technocrat. In order to begin to grasp this person, who according to friends as well as foes has had «one good idea in his life», the film invites the viewer on a discovery-journey through Habraken’s body of thoughts. In conversation with Habraken, his friends and other people who have observed him from a distance the bits and pieces add up to a whole. In the end not only does the viewer encounter the various levels of Habraken and his «one idea», but also a fundamental redefinition of the role of the architect is revealed.

The Story

The «Habraken-story» starts 1961: Dutch architect and theorist publishes a book entitled «The Supports and the People: The End of Mass Housing», in which he fundamentally questions the role of the architect. Instead of regarding the architect as design-authority, he proposes to distinguish between two levels of authority respectively responsibility: the «support» designed by the architect and the «infill» determined by the individual occupant. After the publication of his book Habraken gave up practicing as an architect: «the theory should not be confused with the examples».

More about John Habraken: habraken.com

The Film

How do you make a film about an architect who did not build buildings? Exceptional for a film about an architect the focus does not lie upon his projects, but upon principles of design resp. how the architect can intervene in the «messy everyday environment» – which «like a human body rather needs to be nurtured than forced».


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