Ken Livingstone, Fmr. Mayor of London: “How can you keep London viable for ordinary people?”

by jiookrednav

“For this you need two vital things: good transport & affordable houses.”

“The former Mayor of London is the figurehead of Labour’s equality ideal. He is angry about the fact that his city is becoming increasingly unaffordable for large groups of people and is falling in the hands of private companies. He travels Greater London from left to right with the Jubilee Line. From his simple residential neighbourhood Brent, through the financial heart of Canary Wharf, to the revitalization areas of Eastern London. An outspoken guide in a rapidly growing metropolis.”

150216_Ken Livingstone_Fmr Mayor of London

Can anyone imagine not using the legacy of the Olympic Games? One of Ken Livingstone most important decisions was the bid for the Olympics and the successive use of the area for inner-city development. He also shows the importance of design in social housing. In a mixed block with 25% social housing the affluent enter through the front door, the social housing residents live on floors 6 to 15 and enter through a dark alley…

The documentary can be found here.