DEFINITION: urbanus vulgaris are us- in general- the simplest and only species of urban inhabitants yet known to us. It is about how we perceive and recognize our (everyday) living environment (habitat). Environment in its widest sense: including us and our fellow beings, our houses and cities, our ideas and achievements, our footprints and their effects.  It could be simple and remarkable as well as elaborate and vulgar, yet always exciting in its own way.

MISSION: development of the urbanus vulgaris species.

STRATEGY: urbanus vulgaris is a platform to engage urbanus vulgaris in more productive form of existence by means of becoming more creative.

ACTION: urbanus vulgaris is a blog for sharing interests and fascinations deriving from interdisciplinary groups.  Those groups are expected to share media on the topics related to urban life (processes) seen from diverse perspectives of science, technology, economics, arts, engineering as well as simple observation and ‘common sense’ etc. Links, quotes as well as personal ideas, insights, observations and reasoned opinions are welcome to be shared.

INSPIRATION: “Creativity- which I define as the process of having original ideas that have value- more often than not comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things” (Ken Robinson, 2006).

CONTACT: urbanusvulgaris@yahoo.com