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Monocle 24 radio – The Urbanist show

by gailiute



This is great stuff: radio station with the show about the cities for everybody who love cities, want to live in cities, move out of cities or just want to listen to smth that even might be interesting ;)


Highly recommend to listen!

P.s. they have more interesting shows, check them out



A history of cities in 50 buildings

by gailiute

The Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex in St Louis, shortly after its completion in 1956. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

The Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex in St Louis, shortly after its completion in 1956. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Few days ago I stumbled across very interesting series of articles. They explore our urban history through 50 buildings. Though didn’t read all of them yet, few already caught my attention quite successfully, like story about Pruitt-Igoe highrise or Aleppo citadel. So far so good.

Strongly recommend to read!


Robin Hood Gardens – one of the most hated buildings in UK

by gailiute

“As it faces demolition, the Architectural Review‘s history editor Tom Wilkinson considers the legacy of London’s Robin Hood Gardens– one of east London’s most notable brutalist housing projects. Although consistently voted some of the most hated buildings in the country, Wilkinson delves beyond the style debate to consider the values and intentions which underpinned the building of this controversial estate and others like it.”

– says SustainableCitiesCollective.



More on the building here.

Eye catching

by gailiute


Sometimes I like to stare at nice, eye catching graphics, thinking one day I will start drawing them too :)

Today I stumbled upon this blog:  http://klaustoon.wordpress.com (where I also found this image) and I think it is quite nice work.

This is just great

by gailiute

This ad beats other ads :)

Why? Because it brings cheating with our emotions even to a higher level and as a main theme shows socially sensitive issue that i haven’t seen touched in ads before – neighbourhoods clearing / improvement.

what do you think?:)


by gailiute

Though I found this page accidentally and intended to add it as a nice and very clearly done example of website in the info graphics post, I decided that it is worth to pay your attention to it a bit more.

I think it is great platform for sharing ideas and issues that people care about.

And pay attention how amazingly it plays with words in the website address line: ” good is everyone” ;)

“GOOD is a global community of people who give a damn.”



Mapping 6.0 Again infographics

by gailiute

I find infographics more and more  pulling me in the endless possibilities of sharing information. When I grow up, I will start doing infographics as well, until then, I just look at them ;)

And share with you.

how cool is that to make your portfolio/cv as infographics?



Or to know how to make Any kind of coffee?



One of many videos that tries to raise your awareness and warn about the evil google :)

This one is great. (Having in mind music) :)



This one shows the shape of  any song. Example of  Chopin, Mazurka in F# Minor



Finally, I cope/paste last part of this blog :


1) Cool Infographics

2) Infographics Showcase

3) Flickr Infographics Showcase

4) AXIS Data visualization Framework

5) Visualize US

6) Data Visualization on the Wikipedia

7) Infographics on the Wikipedia

8 ) Great examples with Tools – Web Designer Depot

9) Deviant Art Infographics Showcase

Mapping 5.0 How many Earths do we need?

by gailiute

Here it comes the 5th post about infographics. It is quite remotely related with urbanism, however here you can find an article how much space would we need if everybody in the world started consuming as e.g. americans.

“Assuming we were able to use all the land on the planet–with the exception of Antarctica– here’s how much of Earth(s) we would need if we all lived like people in Bangladesh (or India. Or France. Or, yes, the U.S)” (Elert, 2012):

Futher reading: Elert E. (2012) http://www.popsci.com


Mapping 4.0 the Internet

by gailiute


If one try to imagine the extent of internet almighty, this website might help in doing so. You can explore its depth here in very nice and catchy way!


Mapping 3.0 (infographics)

by gailiute

For the past couple of days I can not stop looking for interesting maps and infographics. There are millions of them, a lot of boring but many many are so eye- catching. A lot to learn from. It is impossible to put them all here – and no need to do that. Just some that I find nice.

Found here: http://infographiclist.com/

Found here: http://inspiredm.com/30-infographics-about-infographics/

Found here: http://www.pdviz.com/religions-world-map

Found here: http://www.pdviz.com/studio7



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