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Facade panels that produce energy from algae

by gailiute


This looks like a great invention.  Arup created Solarleaf bioreactor – thin, 2.5 x .07 meter panel, when attached to the exterior of a building, is capable of generating biofuel – in the form of algae – for the production of hot water. Sounds fun and smart! Read more here:



Jeremy Rifkin: A New Era of Capitalism

by vytasvulgaris

Jeremy Rifkin about the current global development trends and “the third  industrial revolution”. About the emerging new political order, about the new generations of social entrepreneurs, about survival of human race etc.

Some more of Rifkin’s quite fascinating anthropological concept – Empathic Civilization (RSA Animate)

New/old good ways of producing electricity

by gailiute

This video is about Gemasolar, near Seville, Spain – the first Concentrated Solar Thermal Power plus molten salt storage (CSP+) plant to produce energy 24 hours per day. This power tower plant produces 20MW, enough to power 25,000 homes. Just look how amazingly the tower shines!

The secret behind this lies in the fact, that solar energy is gathered by mirrors to light the top of the tower, which subsequently heats the salt. Salt storage works as a giant thermal battery that provides heat to move steam engine. Smart.

However, I see one issue here: the size that has to be occupied by this plant. It is quite huge considering the fact that electricity is being provided to 25000 homes..

Just to compare I put two areas that shows approximate needed space for this kind of plant and 25 000 houses.


by vytasvulgaris

Next to a meditative reality of Our Daily Bread,  one of the beautiful short documentaries by Christian Remde  LOCAL which “discusses the rise of the local food movement, the challenges of sourcing locally and how it’s become a growing part of the Austin, Texas food scene” (http://vimeo.com/32845880#).

Our daily bread

by hugolerho

A documentary movie worth to see about the food industry on our planet. There are no comments at all but the pictures speak for themselves.

shocking? a movie to meditate on…

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