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How far is 5 min walking

by gailiute



Some time ago we had discussions why people do not choose public transport to reach university campus in Kaunas (Kaunas University of Technology campus), instead they drive cars even if they live in convenient location to a bus stops, close to campus, etc.

Well apparently taking a bus sometimes can take more than an hour to reach campus, while one can spend less than 15 minutes driving the same distance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 15.06.12

time spent travelling

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 14.54.01

5min (400m) walking distance from bus stops

There are many reasons for such an inadequacy,  starting from (probably) inefficient bus routes and bus stops that are quite far from campus itself.

This research is only small part of an ongoing project.

Eventual goal is to ensure sustainable future development of this campus. Making it better accessible by public transport instead of private cars is one small milestone to reach.



Sustainable Urban Development in Freiburg presented by Lord Mayor Dieter Salomon

by jiookrednav

I recommend watching this video with subtitles. The holistic urban development guide lines can be found on the site of Freiburg’s Sustainability Management. These are the goals for the policy area “urban planning and urban development planning”:

5. Urban planning and  Urban Development Planning

We oblige ourselves, to take on a strategic role in urban planning and urban development planning with respect to ecologic, social, economic, health and cultural aspects and benefits for all. 

  • Step-by-step reduction of green-field building sites to zero and supplying the need for building sites for housing and industry by the development of brown-fields and the densification of existing urban areas.
  • Urban quarters and villages of high urban design quality with social and life assuring infrastructure.
  • Strong urban centres with a high diversity in uses and attractive retail trade.  
  • Newly constructed buildings are to be of high quality and should be additions to the building culture of a city, that preserves its individuality and beauty. 
  • A good supply of attractive, urban and scenic public spaces, that are usable and accessible, in all of the city.

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