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Month: February, 2013

Hong Kong’s claustrophobic appartments

by gailiute


Yesterday by accident I found one very interesting photo-report that shows us the reality of urban jungle in the city of Hong Kong. The photos are extremely beautiful though a bit sad. It is hard to imagine that these pockets of space are actually a home for so many people..

More photos you can find here.


Taking back the city – One of the most recent inspiring talks

by gailiute

At the beginning of this talk I was a bit sceptical hearing the claims such as “the colours decreased the crime rate”, “citizens started belonging to the place”, etc. Because I thought it’s a bit nonsense. Nonetheless, the more I heard, the more I am convinced that every word from this politician and a man is 100% true. Of course it is not only the colours that changed the situation in the city; he managed to do some pretty incredible things for citizens well-being in the last twenty years too: clearing riverbanks and giving back to public, creating lots of parks, planting trees, demolishing illegal constructions, diminishing corruption in the administration level, bringing green tax in action (and what is more important – achieving that everybody pays it) and as I understood many others.

I highly recommend to view this talk to get a good dose of optimism and inspiration. And I really want Kaunas would have at least half of this politician! Imagine, then it finally would become a real city! :D

Here are some images of painted Tirana:


We could argue that it looks odd, childish, stupid, etc. However I think that it is better like this, then like nothing is done.



by jiookrednav

130224 Paard - pony

This old episode of the program “De Wilde Keuken“(The Wild Kitchen) shows horse meat from start to finish. I’d rather eat my old horse then put it in the incinerator. Old riding horses provide the most tender meat. Antwerp appears to be the global centre for horse meat!

A self-healing asphalt

by gailiute

Paved roads are nice to look at, but they’re easily damaged and costly to repair. Erik Schlangen demos a new type of porous asphalt made of simple materials with an astonishing feature: When cracked, it can be “healed” by induction heating. (Filmed at TEDxDelft.)

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