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Month: December, 2014

Der Himmel über Berlin, Wings of Desire

by jiookrednav


Alejandro Aravena: My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process

by vytasvulgaris

Social-cultural maps

by vytasvulgaris

“Peoplemaps is a project designed to reveal the underlying social connections, groups, and communities within a specific geographical region. The maps we produce, however, are not geographical — rather, they describe the relative orientation of communities in a city or region. Each dot represents a person (or user account), each line represents a relationship, and eachcolor group represents a community of interest. Communities at opposite ends of a map have the least in common. The layout of the map is determined by relationships — they act like springs, bringing people closer together. By arranging the maps in this way, we can determine how people choose to sort themselves, and study the patterns in human arrangement that arise between different cities — and we can also see patterns like segregation and other unhealthy patterns of arrangement.”


Eye catching

by gailiute


Sometimes I like to stare at nice, eye catching graphics, thinking one day I will start drawing them too :)

Today I stumbled upon this blog:  http://klaustoon.wordpress.com (where I also found this image) and I think it is quite nice work.

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